2020 Nissan Altima - Camera issues

back up camera front and rear view stop working intermittently. Now that I have had my front bumper replace those view do not work at all. When in split screen left live view is blank and right virtual view front and rear view are blank

you should bring it back to where you had the bumper work done. they might have forgotten to re-connect an electrical connector.


Is the car still within its factory warranty period?

why did you have the bumper replaced? Was there an accident that may have damaged some components other than the bumper?


Unless the 2020 is a misprint t should be.

Yes, but damage related to a collision is not covered by the vehicle mfr’s warranties.

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True but insurance should if it was an accident but the OP never said why it was replaced.

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I think we can safely assume there was an accident/parking lot damage. The likelihood of the bumper being replaced because it was defective is minimal. I think @weekend-warrior is on the right track and a return visit to the body shop is in order.


True but it would be nice if the OP would say why it was replaced.