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Repair quality issue after front end damage

My car suffered front end damage on the passenger side in a mild collision. The dealer assured me they can fix it properly and initially told me there is no frame damage but then showed me a picture in which I could see the apron had been slightly bent, and when I pressed him he acknowledged they had to pull it a little.

Also, now that the car is ready, I’ve noticed that the gaps between hood and quarter panels are not even (7mm on one side, 5mm on the other).

I am concerned about the car’s safety and resale value. Are my concerns justified? If yes, is there any way I could have the repair checked without paying a lot of money? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cars are designed to absorb energy and collapse in a controlled manner in a collision. They are NOT designed so that they can be “pulled back” into like new configuration. What you have is what you get…In Japan, that car would have been totaled by law…But that’s not the way it works here…

Resale value will not suffer much as long as nobody notified Carfax about the accident. As far as safety, it’s probably just as safe as any other nissan altima…A body shop “technician” can center the hood in about 2 minutes…

To check the repair, take it to an independent Wheel, Frame & Axle shop and have them do a 4-wheel alignment check. That will tell the tale…

Thank you!

"In Japan, that car would have been totaled by law…But that’s not the way it works here? "

And I am glad for that. Just think of what the cost of insurance would be with that added cost.

I believe it is possible to buy insurance that will provide the same kind of fix that they have in Japan, but it sure would cost more than here.

One way or another someone is going to pay the difference. I suspect the numbers have been done and it is cheaper to correct SOME “frame” damage.