2015 Nissan Altima - Back Up Camera Flakey

Back up camera goes black and then comes back on after car sits for a few minutes. I think there should be a recall because it’s dangerous to not see what’s behind you and from the side when backing out but the camera sometimes flickers and won’t work until you open and close the trunk then it starts working again.

I disagree. You can go full “old school” before we had backup cameras. You have mirrors. You can turn your head.

I noticed you didn’t ask a question. What IS your question?

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As noted, you did not ask a question.
But sounds like either the camera is faulty or just the connections. Either have it fixed or turn your head.

Everybody wants a recall. One person wanted a recall for brake dust on his rims!

If opening and closing the trunk gets the camera working you could check or have the integrity of the wiring connections checked. It may be a faulty camera also.