2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wind noise

wind noise right passenger side window area. Buffeting sound. Louder as speed increases. No noise from driver side. Some have claimed, mirror seals may be the cause. Others claim, possible door weather stripping issue. Windows all the way up tight. Help please.

I don’t know if this would work, but you could try putting masking tape over various seals and trim pieces to see if you can find a spot where that reduces the noise.

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2020 automobile… Still under warranty. The “help” comes from your Jeep dealer. It is their responsibility to you, the buyer.


+1 for taking it to the dealer.

If you have already and the dealer said they can’t hear it or find it, use the tape trick to locate the problem. Done soot at a time to make sure you know which spot when you find it. After you find one, continue testing the passenger side to make sure you find all of them.

Agreed , take it to the dealer and take them out for a ride and show them what you are talking about otherwise they will just come back as a could not duplicate problem .You probably paid at least $40000 for a Jeep Grand Cherokee , make them fix it ., I have a 2020 Durango which is the same car and it is the quietest car I have ever had .

Also look in the owners manual to find out how to take a problem up the corporate ladder. Keep all records of your efforts with the dealer. Use them if you have to go that route.

You have not stated whether or not you have taken the car to the dealer or not. That is the first step; verification that there is a problem and that it was heard by someone there.

I might ask one question. Does this buffeting noise occur no matter which way the wind is blowing, etc?

Hi Randy,
My 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has on 5k miles on it makes the exact same wind noise,as you describe -only on the passenger side, louder as the speed increase.
Were you able to find a solution. Any insight to what is causing it ?
Any information would be most helpful…


I got my car back from service at the Jeep Dealer here.

Technician took it for a test drive and could not hear the wind noise I complained about. Stated he also removed the passenger rear door panel and also checked the weather strips and could not find a problem.

I still feel that there is a wind problem and will continue to persue that.

The rear passenger door gets opened and closed as much as the front door so the weather stripping gets used the same amount so it should wear the same and I don’t have a problem with the front noise wise.

Going to keep digging into this as it is very frustrating.

Will let you know if I have any good results.

Please also advise me if you find a cure.


Just to be clear - this is a wind noise when all the windows are all the way up, correct?

Ask to drive another Jeep just like yours and see if it does the same thing. How old was the tech? We all lose hearing acuity as we age. I’d hate to think they didn’t pay attention to that aspect of it, but it’s possible.

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Yes All windows rolled up, stereo off, air conditioner and heater blowers off.
My next step is to massage the weather stripping on the back door with WD40 to soften them up for another trial. Another thought for anyone with this problem, could the roof rails or shark fin antenna or even the joint at the roof fin above the rear window be causing this? I already tried turning in the passenger mirror but that didn’t work.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


When not in use the roof rack should be positioned as noted below;

" To help control wind noise when the crossbars are not in use, place the front and rear crossbars approximately 24 inches (61 cm) apart. Optimal noise reduction can then be achieved by adjusting the front crossbar forward or aft using increments of 1 inch (2.5 cm)."

Outside turbulence is not necessarily a defect, air leaks through the doors seals and glass seals are defects. The source of the noise must be identified.

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I would NOT do this! WD 40 could degrade the rubber. If I had to use something, I’d look for a rubber lubricant. But that would only be after I exhausted my efforts with the dealer. Don’t want to give them an excuse for claiming you caused the problem.

I would remove if possible any roof rack cross bars, or do as described above.


Thanks for the information on the roof rack positioning but in my case for now I only have the factory installed rails.

Thanks again


Before purchasing my 2020, my wife and I drove several 2018 and 2019 Grand Cherokee models and found the same wind problem, sometime on both front and back windows or wherever the cause. There were no 2020’s available yet to try out so we decided to buy a new one directly from the factory only to find the same problem. I thought the noise would go away. I left it until the first service this week.

I have to go in for some Diamond Nano kote repairs next week so will ask to try another 2020 for comparison. I will report my findings.