2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Vibrates

My 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is making a high vibration noise once I reach 45 mph thru 60.mph It doesn’t always occur and sometimes goes away at 60 and sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes it doesn’t make any noise at all. When it does make noise, it can be really loud, like something is about to fly off at any moment.
My mechanically inclined friend thought the plastic grill was vibrating. He glued it. Didn’t work.
Went to my local auto shop, they rode with me, heard it verified it was a vibration caused by wind/speed. Thought duck taping the window seams might fix it, but didn’t have a fan large enough in his shop to create similar effects.
Before I take it to my local Jeep dealer, any suggestions?

Do you have a roof rack?

No, The manufacturer installs the rails going length wise to attach a rack, but no rack.