2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee - solved my howling problem

I recently bought a used 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I didn’t notice this on my test ride, but now I notice a lot of howling wind notice that seems to be coming from the rear door area. All of the door and window seals appear to be good, soft, and not deformed. It’s really quite annoying. I noticed on the freeways if I get behind a semi the sound is greatly reduced. Any suggestions?

I just solved my own question. After posting my question I thought about the fact that both roof top crossbars are very close together towards the rear. I know they weren’t that way when I bought the car. I think when I went through a carwash the front one slid to the rear. I just moved the front one all the way forward and went for a drive on the freeway. Not a single wind sound. This solves my problem. Thank goodness.


On another Chrysler product - Town and Country minivan - there are little triangles embossed into the fore-and-aft rails… a signal to put the crossbars at those locations. Probably for better MPG and maybe sound reduction, too.

Thanks. I’ll take a look on my 2014 Jeep GC to see if I have them too.