2019 Toyota RAV4 -Wind noise

Wind noise appears on speed more than 50 km/h.
Dealership insists it’s a normal sound,
I am driver more than 40 years and never experience that annoying sound, feeling like you are driving with open windows. How can I prove that car have problems? Thank you

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Test drive another one like yours and see if the noise is there.

Some cars are just noisier than others.

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same so annoying have to blast the radio o mask it.

So you didn’t test drive it before you bought it?

Loved it but it happens at 70-80mph didn’t test drive at that speed.

When Consumer Reports tested the 2019 Rav, they complained about its excessive engine noise and its rough ride, but they didn’t comment about wind noise, so it is possible that your particular one needs to have the door seals looked at.

I used to have 2007 Subaru, which had similar noise around 65+, and the fix was to push a side-mirror to glass seals together and deeper into their tracks, the noise was gone even with no trip to the dealer, stayed “fixed” for years