2017 Honda CR-V windows went down

all windows went down when not in car lock and keys in the house.

Just one time or multiple times? Could someone have sat on the keyfob?

Only if there are key fobs with the ability to roll the windows down.

That will be the next selling option.
Just like the remote for the 7inch portable DVD player.
Do they really think you will be watching that little screen from 20 feet away.


About six years ago a young female service writer wrote a repair order that read; “Customer states after witnessing a black helicopter flying over all four windows on the vehicle were down”.

I went to the service adviser and asked; do you want me to go looking for black helicopters or will you explain to the customer how to lower the windows with the keyless entry transmitter?

BTW, to lower the windows on your vehicle with the RKE transmitter is covered on page 165 of the owners manual.

To open: Press the unlock button, and then
within 10 seconds, press it again and keep it

What goes up must come down.

Actually, we had a portable DVD player in our old minivan for our kids to watch movies on the way to vacation. Because of the way we had to hang it between the seats, it would’ve been quite helpful if we had the remote instead of literally moving the thing around to get at the controls :wink:

There are, and Hondas have had them for at least 10 years.

OP, is one of the keys perhaps in a purse? Perhaps other stuff in the purse held the unlock button down.

Is this going to be another one of vague transplanted posts where there is never a response clarifying the question?