2018 Honda Civic LX Window Issue

I have a 2018 Honda Civic. Went to the garage the other day and all 4 of my windows were down. I did not use the key fob to automatically roll the windows down. I have no idea how this happened. This is not the first time this has happened and it’s becoming a problem. Is there a way to disable the feature on the key fob where you hold the unlock button down for 30 seconds to roll down the window. Could it be my key fob, do I need a new key fob? Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Look in your owner’s manual. it should tell you how to turn this feature off in your settings.

Thanks, I tried and I am not able to access the vehicle setting button as I do not have the display/info button as shown in the owners manual. Now what???

There may be an issue with the BCM.


I am not familiar with your vehicle. This is on a 2022 but you might be able to do the on your car.

Deactivating Auto Window Roll Down with 2022 Honda Civics - YouTube

Did your problem with the trunk opening on it’s own get solved ?

I think so, I switched FOBS.

You might want to try keeping your fob someplace else. The buttons can get pushed by other stuff in a purse or even a pocket, and mysterious things happen. Just don’t keep it in or near the car because that turns on the sensors and will run down your car battery.

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Thanks. I am going to keep it in an old eye glass case.

Ray (Car Talk’s radio host) told a story on the program about the mystery of accidentally starting his car by unknowingly pressing a remote-control button inside his house. He’d eventually go outside and see the car idling. So on the positive side, at least you don’t have THAT problem :slight_smile:

Not an electric window expert, my cars have roll-up windows. Never once in 50 years have all the windows gone down by themselves. In fact not a single window has ever gone down or up by itself. Is there a button on your driver’s door that will make all the windows go down? If so, a short circuit in the window’s wiring could also make this happen. Look in the hinge area of the driver’s door, door open, you’ll see a bundle of wires running from door to car’s body. Any signs the wire insulation had degraded?

No visible wires of any kind. I am assuming they are encased.