1986 Honda Civic drivers side front window

My 1986 Honda Civic has a front window that won’t go up or down and I can’t find anyone who has parts to repair it. I can’t use the car because it did not pass inspection so it sits in my driveway.Help!

Ok…ummmm…I’ll be right over ?

Do you just want to find parts? Or are you saying that you can’t find a mechanic who will fix it? Has anyone determined what the actual problem is?

Fixing a window isn’t rocket science. With the internet, finding parts isn’t either. So maybe you could clarify what information you actually need.

You just need to get the window closed for the inspection, right? If so it does happen that door windows just get loose in the track. When this happens they get stuck. Try pulling up the window by hand (usually at the point closest to the rear of the car), and try using the auto or manual device to close the window. When you pull up at the window, it will move and then close a little more when you use whatever mechanism is available. Repeat until the window is fully closed and leave it that way. In this position you should not fail inspection.

Remove the inner door handle and window crank ( if it has manual windows ) . Remove armrest, pull door panel off, shove glass all the way up from the bottom, cut stick to jam under glass and put everything back together.

I took the car to the dealer.their mechanic said after trying they could not get the parts needed to fix the window. Another mechanic tried the internet and all the junk yards to find parts with no success.

The window is in the up position. I failed inspection when the window could not be lowered.
I went to the dealer who told me no parts are available. We searched the internet junk yards etc. with no luck.

If the problem was that the window has come apart from the track, as I thought, it would probably go down but not back up. But let’s start over. Is the window manual or electric? That matters. I assume the window is level and fully closed?

I actually have a sticky manual driver’s window, that I can roll down in stages. I roll it down until it stickes, roll it up a little, and then roll it down again, and it will go a little further down the second time. If I repeat this a few times I can get the window all the way down.

They check the window in your state? Break the window, get the car inspected, and get the window replaced.

I don’t know about the state but it’s not the window. It’s the mechanism that makes the window go up and down. Breaking the window to get the system repaired is fraud, and it won’t solve the problem.

I think it would help immensely if a few things were clarified. What model Civic? Manual (I assume) or electric windows? Exactly what part or parts do they say you need?
Three posts and none of that info has been provided.

Have you considered eBay or Craigslist, etc.? I note there are some listings for window regulators for '86 Civics on eBay but again, that’s an assumption that the reg. is the problem.

The window is closed,it won’t open. When that happened it failed inspection.

I assume the mechanic at the Dealer did that.

The 86 Honda Civic is automatic with manual windows. I don’t know what parts I need but I had a mechanic checking the internet and junk yards for the parts and he was unable to find the parts needed for the repair.

The 86 Honda is automatic with manual windows. I do not know what parts I need but I had a mechanic check the internet and junk yards for the parts but he was unable to find them.

Need to know more about your exact Civic. What trim level, how many doors, which engine, etc…?

Check out this web site: http://www.car-part.com Search on Front Door Regulator.

Lots of 1986 window regulators.

If it is a manual window, try an automotive glass repair shop instead of a general mechanic. Chances are that the problem can be repaired without replacing any parts. Or you might need to have a part fabricated. A specialist can outsource this work and get the window working for you.

I still don’t understand why you failed inspection. It’s not a safety issue, not even if you drive the car into a lake. You still have the other window that does open.

You can buy the regulator or motor and regulator together on the internet. Just do a Google search and it will give you loads of options. Easy fix. Put tape the window on the window so it does not drop. Remove the door panel. Remove the 3 bolts that hold the regulator to the door. I can not remember if there were any bolts or screws holding it to the bottom of the window, but I do remember it was easy. In stall new regulator remove tape and test.