2020 Cadillac CT6 - Infotainment issue

Navigation SD Card message. No SD card error. NAV sd card is not functioning properly. What is the problem? The card or the reader?

One word ( Warranty ) .


Is the SD card in the slot? I have seen used cars with missing SD cards.

Is the SD card Lock/Unlock switch moved fully towards the card contacts, in the upward (Unlocked) position?
Important: DO NOT remove the SD card with the ignition ON. This can corrupt the SD Card and cause navigation related errors.
Important: ONLY remove the card with the key OFF and the driver’s door open.

Just curious, understand why key should be OFF , but why does the door have to be open?

To be honest I am not quite sure about why the door needs to be open. I got this info from the dealer TSB so I posted it figuring it might help OP.

Retained accessory power; the radio stays on for ten minutes after the ignition is switched off. Opening the door shuts off the radio.


Technology sometimes ties us into knots. Reminds me of that movie Brazil. This could be a good topic for a stand-up comedian.

Years ago, first widely-sold home computers had floppy discs. Story about customer talking to service dept on phone.

Customer: I’m having problem with my floppy disc
Service dept: What’s the problem?
Customer: screen says “not ready” when I try to save my file
Service: Close the door first, then try it again.
Service: (hears a bang sound)
Customer: Ok ,tried it again, still doesn’t work.
Service: What was that bang sound?
Customer: That was me closing the door.
Service: Do you mean the door to the room? …
Customer: Yes

lol …