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Wnavi 1.01 Car screen navigation

The screen that in my car (Hyundai Avante X16) has a weird OS it says Wnavi 1.01 R.1.0.3, i want to activate navigation but I don’t know how it says (can not perform navigation check sd card) and when i search about it on Google nothing comes up, how to activate the navigation?

I would suggest asking a Hyundai dealer.

There is no hyundai dealer in my country, do you know a dealer i can talk to online, like on a website or something like that?

Does your owner’s manual mention an SD card that you replace to update the map data? If so, do you have one installed now?

No, I don’t. I would also suggest that buying a car for which you have no dealer support was not a great decision. What will you do when you need parts?

Look in your manual for contact numbers and if you do not have one a web search will find you a free download . This is mostly a US based forum so where ever you are means your vehicle name might not mean much here .

If it doesn’t have an SD card, then you have no maps which is why the nav won’t work. Did you buy it from a dealership or a private party? Can you contact the seller and ask them to send you the SD card (that should have come with the car if it’s equipped with nav).


Manufacturer info and help line:

Thank you all for replying , i got it all figured out, i need a sd card with navigation maps data installed on, my car didn’t came with one because my car is a used car imported from Korea so i can’t contact the previous owner, is there any way to download the data or the software on a normal SD card?

Map data for vehicles is usually sold. If you find a SD card for your navigation unit make sure it has map data for your region, they are not all the same.

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As the car isn’t sold in the OP’s mystery country, there may be no map data for that region available.

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It is a little hard to help someone when they will not give their location .

Then there is no Map/Nav system for your country available from Hyundai.

Your best option would be an aftermarket system that has software for your country.

Is Hyundai sold in an adjacent country? Maps for that country might spill over into yours. Contact Hyundai anyway just in case they have maps for your car. If not, find out who they buy the nav system from. Hyundai doesn’t build it themselves. The navigation system manufacturer may have maps for you. Another alternative is to use your smartphone if you have one. A map app might show streets in your country. That’s what I do rather than pay the extra $1000 or so for the nav system option when I bought the car.