2006 Cadillac SRX won’t shift out of park

Start car and it won,t shift out of park and then won,t turn ignition key to off position to let you remove key. Door locks go up and down by them selves and gauges go up and down by them selves. Radio goes on and off and windows work and then not. Anti Theft light on some times along with Trac control. Sometimes if you turn the light switch from auto to off position it will let you shift from Park to Drive.This car has a Sun Roof which is a question I have been asked repetively. Cadillac Dealer is stumped.

I have no idea how that is even possible.
Me thinks you need a different mechanic. Of course you did not give year of vehicle so we don’t know if it is still under warranty.

First step: Ask your mechanic to check the condition of the battery and charging system. Loose or corroded battery connections could cause this for example. If it isn’t something simple like that, ask your shop to have one of their staff drive the car as their daily driver. When it fails they’ll have a better chance to figure it out on the spot compared to trying to solve the problem when it isn’t happening. If the have had the car when the problem is happening and can’t solve it, switch shops or contact Cadillac directly.