Radio/CD buttons non-fuctional, but steering-wheel controls work fine

2008 Toyota Prius – All of a sudden the controls on the face of my CD/Radio stopped working, but those on the steering wheel continue to work fine. That would be OK, except that the steering wheel doesn’t have controls for inserting, ejecting, or switching CDs. So I have two CDs from a very expensive 16-disk set out of the library stuck in the car! Any suggestions for how to fix this or at least get those disks out?

Press the mode button on the steering wheel, go to menue and select cd player, you should have an option in the menue bar to remotely open the cd player. My Corolla has this option.
If that doesn’t work,you need to remove the radio and get it fixed…it could be a hardware issue.

Thanks for the tip. It turned out to need just a couple of days to reflect on it’s bad attitude and mend its ways. I tried it again and it worked. But I’ll keep your suggestion in case it ever persists long enough to require a more active correction.

If all else fails , if you remove the cd player there’s usually a little hole on the back or side somewhere that you can poke a paperclip in and cause the cd to eject. I had a dvd player one time that worked fine except for the eject, so that’s how I had to eject the dvds … lol …

Glad that worked, this time. Because you won’t like any of the suggestions I have.