Trailblazer CD player

I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer EXT with a 6 cd player. Recently, I pushed the button to change to a different cd and the player quit. It had been playing fine up until then. Now it won’t play, change cd’s or eject cd’s. I do get the “changer full” message if I push the load button and occasionally I get the ‘initializing’ message. I don’t think it is a fuse because the radio works fine. I am most concerned at this time about getting the cd’s out of the player since they belong to the public library…any suggestions

I was out of the loop in 2006 so I must ask, Is this an in-dash 6 disc changer? It will be easier to open up a external 6 disc and pull your cd’s out. These things typically are not so tough to get the cover off and get the stuck CD’s out. Don’t disassemble anymore than necessary. For an in dash unit we will have to find the radio removal process first.

It is a 6 disc in-dash changer (factory)

I viewed the radio removal instructions and it looks pretty simple. Remove the hush panel below the radio and remove the bezel that goes around the radio and you can see the retaining screws. Much simpler than earlier models. After you get the radio out you have the choice of calling up your Dealer and asking if someone comes to their lot to pickup and repair the radio (something I did) or looking the unit over and seeing how the section that stores the CD’s is made accessible. Stuck CD’s is nothing new.If you doubt your skills have the radio sent in for repair through the Dealer. Radio concerns are in the top 3 reasons why a car sees warranty service or at least it was 10 years ago, the last time I did it. Swapping radios out was a paper work nightmare but other than that it was easy money. Mid 90’s Corvettes were pretty bad as the harness on the car side was too short. GM paid .6hr to remove and replace most radios. You usually got paid twice, once to pull the radio and get the part number and again to make the swap.