2019 Nissan Altima - Windshield Cracked

Has anyone with a 2019 Nissan Altima 2.5 had issues with the windshield cracking? My car has 9,700 miles on it and a small rock hit the center lower portion of windshield in the black area. I would estimate about a 1 inch crack/chip. Within a few minutes the crack spread evenly along the bottom in a perfect straight line for about 18 inches. It seemed to have cracked along a seem or something. Entire windshield had to be replaced.

And THAT is why your windshield had to be replaced. Completely normal on ANY car, Nissan or not. The windshield is a structural part of any car. Damage any small portion and stress just takes over.

Insurance usually waives the deductible on glass damage and will pay for the whole replacement. Or didn’t you turn that into your insurance?


Rock + glass = crack

Not rocket science

As @Mustangman said normal for any car


Yep they’ll do that once something hits them and creates stress. I had a rock chip and was driving along at night and turned the defroster on and bang, a long crack developed. No charge. Insurance took care of it. Well I shouldn’t say no charge since I had been paying premiums all along.

See if your insurance covers it. Some with monitors or whatever can get expensive.

For reasons that I cannot fathom, some people seem to think that some manufacturers install windshields that are more prone than others, to sustain damage from rocks and other debris.

The reality of the situation is that a rock or other type of debris can cause expensive damage to the windshield of a vehicle of any make or model. It can be a classic “one in a million shot”, but rocks and other types of road debris don’t play favorites, and are just as likely to damage a windshield of “x” model as they are to damage the windshield of “y” model.

Just because the OP’s previous car(s) never sustained damage from a rock, that is not an indication that his Nissan has a windshield that is more prone to damage than other makes or models.


Completely normal! If you get a small crack on a cold winter day, don’t go to the car wash! The crack ill get larger very quickly.

I think some cars are more prone to windshield hits than others, because of the styling of the front end of the car. As cars become more shaped to slip through the air with the least resistance it seems like windshield glass gets bigger and bigger and I guess there’s just more square feet to be hit, too.

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