2020 Nissan Altima - Glass issue

My 2020 Nissian Altima windshield cracked from deep under the plastic by hood on the passenger side. Called the dealership and they were of no help and referred me to my insurance company

That is most likely the best approach. If your insurance company suspects manufacturing defect they can deal with Nissan.
The alternate is to elevate your concern to Nissan, there should be directions in your owners manual.

check to see if you have full glass coverage on your insurance policy.

Generally, in my experience, the deductible is higher than the replacement windshield. Depends on your insurance, though.

But if you’re saying the crack started somewhere where nothing could’ve hit the windshield, I’d take it to the dealer and point that out to them. I imagine they’re just assuming the windshield was just damaged by road debris if you called them but didn’t physically show it to them.

if you have full glass coverage there is no deductible.

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I see. I never carry that, myself. I’m a gambler I guess.