2020 altima windshield

2020 altima that is 5 months old has had 3 cracked windshields. Ill be getting my 4th new windshield this week. Each time it cracks, it comes from the edge of the windshield about 2 ft long each time. i have yet to see an impact on any of these instances. Anyone else having this problem?

Is it starting at the same place each time?

Sad news, is it covered under warranty?

all 3 times it was a different place

first time the dealership took care of it, 2nd time i did…just went to dealership today to see what my options are. They’re gonna get back to me.

I hope you used your insurance for the second windshield . Even if you did not you need to let them know about this one also . It maybe that they can have some influence as to the replacement and why you are having this problem .

As for anyone else having this problem even if they are the chance they will see your post is slim. You might search the web for Nissan Forums to see if this problem is reported there .

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My only comment is that windshields now are part of the structural integrity of the roof. So seems to me 3 times in 5 months might suggest a problem with the roof supports. Maybe a weld was missed or something. So I would start treating it as a failure of the body itself. I think I would consult with a good body shop and have them take a look.


I’m finding similar complaints about earlier Altima’s, not just 2020’s. Could be a problem with the factory’s supplier. Has a glass shop taken a look?

yes, i used my insurance. i also let the dealership know about the 2nd time. looks like they might take care of it this time but im worried about here on out.

yes, thank you…my father in law has recommended the same thing as far as the weld

yes the company that replaced it suggested it was from temperature change but 3 times seems like alot to me

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Doesn’t seem right to me either,

NHTSA has 3 complaints listed for windshield cracking or chipping in 2020 model year, 2 in 2019, and none for 2018 or 2021. The 6th generation Altima started in 2018. Nissan does not have any manufacturer communications about this issue yet.

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Has vandalism been ruled out?

yeah, being no impact, id say its extremely unlikely