2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Beeping sound

I travelled on a rough dirt road recently and, after getting home, every time I used the indicators (especially the left), there was a loud beeping sound coming from the left rear of the vehicle. This went on for 3 - 4 days and then has stopped. I’m not sure what it was, or whether it is something sinister that is going to cause a problem later? What also seemed to start happening at the same time is that, if I bump my leg on the right side of the center console, the media center cycles through all of the media (music) inputs available and then back to the one that it was originally on. I suspect that the rough dirt road has loosened something in the electronics that is causing all of these issues now?

The only thing I can think of is that your blind spot or landed departure warning is enabled and is sensing some sort of obstruction when you indicate a lane change with the turn signal. I’d have the dealer check this out and I would video the odd behavior before I go. Car problems are like toothaches that go away as you approach the dentist’s office.

2 year old Jeep still under warranty (?) Off to the dealer!


If it is still indeed covered by the 3 yr/36k mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, I think the OP would be foolish to do any repairs on his own, or to have his mechanic do any repairs.

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I’d get a car wash first. If the sensors get enough crud on them, they’ll false-alarm. Happens every once in awhile to me in the winter as salt builds up. And the OP did notice it starting after driving down a dirt road.

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