Sounds when accelerating& decelerating

When I accelerate to about 38-40 I have this loud noise that only stops when I get above 50. Now when I let my foot off the gas I’m starting to hear a noise but my biggest issue is I’m not good at mimicking the sounds. Please don’t sound hate comments I’m trying to learn, I’m not a mechanic so whatever I know is by someone helping me figure it out or doing my own research like I’m trying to do now. I bought this car from a dealership and since I got it I’ve had nothing but issues. The last problem was my exhaust which was supposedly fixed but when I got it back this new loud sound is happening when I accelerate and the owner tells me it’s normal for a jeep to make this sound considering the year. I feel like this sound is actually worse than the first sound and I’m not out of my warranty time. Someone help!

Ask your shop to check for torque converter shudder, and to verify the cat heat shield is securely in place. Torque converter shudder is often described as a sound like you’d hear when driving over a rumble strip; i.e. a sound like when changing lanes when the road lane markers have those dome-shaped raised spots.

This is a used vehicle ? If you do have a warranty be careful what you do or have done to it so you don’t void the warranty . You did not give much information other than Jeep Cherokee. What year and will the dealer let you take it to a real Jeep dealer for a diagnostic ? You may have to pay that fee but then the dealer you bought it from might agree to fix it.

You may even want to see if you can return this one for something else on the lot in better shape.

We need more info before we can help. the more you give the better.
The year of jeep.
where the sound is coming from. the back, the front, underneath (back or front)
what it sounds like. squeak, chirping, groan. Whine, ect.
A sound clip will help.

So I just had someone who works on cars take a drive with me to verify the type of sound and he said it’s a whining sound. He said based off of my description and what he felt and seen driving it that it’s the gears not working, I think it’s when I’m going into second gear that it’s not functioning properly. He also said the issue is most likely related to my transmission. I’ve never let anyone
Work on my vehicle besides the dealership. I bought my car in May and immediately after it was back at the dealership for a little over 3 months before I got it back. My car has been in their possession more than in my own since I purchased it. I’m thinking about just filing the application for the lemon law arbitration due to the many issues I’ve had since buying it. Thank you for the comment, hopefully I get some answers soon.

It’s a 2014 jeep Cherokee latitude, no one other than the dealer has ever worked on this car since it’s been in my possession. This issue has just gotten progressively worse within the last month, he told me the first time I mentioned something being wrong with it that If the issue isn’t consistent he can’t do anything about it. I’m pretty upset due to buying this car and having nothing but issue, I do have a warranty that covers me for big issues like the transmission with a $50 deductible. I guess my only option is to hope for them to take me serious this time so I can get my car fixed and not have it break down on me. Thank you for the comment, I will be calling them tomorrow when they open to discuss this issue.

I had someone come with me and drive it to help me better understand what’s going on, he told me it’s a whining noise. I was also told he believes it’s my gears not functioning which could be related to the transmission. When I’m driving it I hear it coming from underneath the vehicle which made me think it’s the exhaust, I also feel thumping or shaking under my feet which is the drivers side. It’s a 2014 jeep Cherokee latitude

A whining noise — esp if coming from the rear — could be a problematic rear differential.

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You bought it from a dealer, but the owner is telling you its normal?

If you still have warranty coverage USE IT ! Keep taking it back until it’s fixed. And sorry to have to break this to you, but, after the warranty runs out, get used to spending money on it. It’s a Jeep thing.

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Lemon laws are for new vehicles not used .


Unlikely Lemon Law will apply to a used vehicle. But you might as well check the law in your state.

I found this and something to keep an eye out for…

  • Powertrain – Numerous users were reporting that their Jeep would lose power and fail to accelerate. Some even stated that the rear wheels locked up all of a sudden, leading to a complete stall. One thing in common between all these reporting was that the users saw a puddle of liquid leaking beneath the vehicle. Dealers confirmed it to be coming from a cracked rear differential module assembly. Since the reporting of this issue was on the higher side, users had to wait for the parts to be available.

Some states have lemon law that applies to used vehicles, but there needs to an identifiable problem; sound loud and he said it’s whining may not qualify for a buy-back.

The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are Jeeps, the Cherokee is a Fiat.

Fiat , even worse .

You’re thinking of the Jeep Renegade, which is made in Italy, in the same assembly plant as the Fiat 500X.
The Cherokee is built on a platform that is shared with some Fiat vehicles, but it is made in Illinois, and it is not mechanically related to a Fiat.