Front tires bounce crazily when go over a bump

my jeep cherokee would begin to bounce crazily when I went over a bump in road. I wouldn’t stop until I slowed down

Miles? Year? How old are your shocks?

I agree with @texases. Your answer has a lot of bearing on the question you asked. These vehicles have a “death wobble” trait that comes along with extended miles and age.

I second the motion…((((((()))))))

Jeeps are known to have issues when parts wear - known as the death rattle. Google it. Lots of things that can cause it, so it requires some diagnosis.

A Jeep forum may be of some help too.
I urge you to get this to a reputable chassis shop for diagnosis ASAP. The symptoms you describe could easily be simple worn out shocks, or a worn out steering damper, but they could also be a ball joint or a tie rod end ready to come apart.

This is a sign of trouble. You could have several parts in the front end showing signs of wear. Tires could be significantly out of balance. And other problems. Don’t ignore this problem, your car is telling you it needs immediate attention.

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