Keep The Jeep

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It has 108.5K miles on it. This past winter I had to have the battery replaced and the throttle serviced, invloving a tow in the depths of the polar vortex. Now in the rear right wheel I hear a clanking sound when I go over a pot hole or bump. Pot holes are hard to avoid after the winter we had. Speed bumps are no problem. I know it is only the right rear tire because I have tested the other wheels going over pot holes, they do not make any noise. The noise happens if I am at speed or rolling over bump at a light or in a parking lot. It is due for an inspection at the end of this month and I would like to make a suggestion to the mechanic when I take it in.

My questions are: What is making the noise? Is it worth it to keep the car after I fix it or should I start looking for another? If I do look for another car what should I consider? I have two sons and we are outdoors people and would need something similar in ruggedness. Also the AC has not worked for over a year.

The overwhelming majority of these “going over bumps clanks” are just worn bushings.

Whether it’s worth keeping depends on the overall condition of the vehicle and whether it still meets your needs. Without some insight into these things it’s impossible to guess. The other problems you mentioned are just normal car things. Neither suggests the condition of the vehicle.

The body is in decent shape. There is some rust showing on the tailgate where I had a repair. The AC not working is uncomfortable in the summer. On the cold winter days she was reluctant to start but managed do to so after the battery was replaced and the throttle body was serviced.

The noise might be coming from a worn/broken stabilizer bar end link.

These will make a clunking sound when going over bumps if they’re worn/broken.


It could also be a loose or bad shock absorber.