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Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2006 sudden loud noise when hitting bumps

Hi! And please excuse my English. I am a French Canadian women from Quebec who loves your show. It is the most pleasant moment of my week. When I leave home on Saturday mornings to do the family groceries, I feel free. I learned so many new words through your show it is incredible. Well, I get to my point. My husband drives a 2006 Grand Cherokee Laredo and this ugly noise occurred for the first time last September, and still reappears, 2 or 3 times each week. He spent almost two thousands of dollars trying to fix this, but it seems no one has been able to locate the source of the problem. I will describe the noise : it occurs most of the times whe the car hits a hole in the road. Immediaitly, there is this loud noise that seems to be coming from the center part of the car floor (around the differential area), and the noise sounds like a propeller that gets in contact with a loose part. When we hit the brakes a little, or when we ease our foot off the accelerator, the noise generally disappear.

Does the Jeep make a clanging sound when being put into gear? If so, may be the universal joint.

And if it is not a universal joint it could be any number of suspension and drive train parts. They are usually not too hard to find with hands on, but I can’t really see your car from here. :slight_smile:

Thank you Roquelead, but no, no sound of that sort when put into gear.


Thanks Joseph,
Our first thoughts pointed towards that direction. But none of the mechanics that inspected the car were able to confirm this or detect anything of that sort. Is it that difficult to do?


Hallo from mexico had the same problem on a customer car check your left rear handbrake cover (cable) might get traped under the conditon discriebed beween the universaljoint and fuel tanke the cause fore the loud noise it shoud have wearmarks on the top side and the hads of unversal screws have light marks sorry fore my english but i think this solves the problem change cable or tie it a bit up Best regards mexoil

this was my issue as well parking brake cable was dropping down when hitting bumps it was located just above the rear u-joint at the diff it would only happen every once in a while going over bump