2019 Honda Ridgeline - what put my windows down?



Purchased a new 2019 Honda Rideline yesterday. Drove it home from church in the rain today. Turn the engine off and went into the house. Came out hour later; all the windows were 1/2 down and moon roof open. It was raining and the inside got wet Started the engine and rolled the windows up. Did I push the wrong button???


The windows can be lowered on a hot day while approaching the vehicle using the remote, see page 138 of the owners manual.

To open: Press the unlock button, and then
within 10 seconds, press it again and hold it.
If the windows and Moonroof* stop midway,
repeat the procedure.


All I can say is look in the manual for remote settings or park and lock your vehicle and start pushing buttons and see what happens.


Were your keys in your pocket? If so, you might have accidentally hit the button sequence that does this. Start keeping your keys somewhere else and see if it happens again. Perhaps this feature can be disabled, as well.


If you push the unlock button, release, and then push and hold the unlock button, the windows will lower and the sunroof will open. This continues until they are fully open and the button is released. You must have accidentally pushed the door unlock button.


Thanks, too many computer commands;


Another useless “feature”. It would be so nice to accidently lower your windows and open the sunroof in the pouring rain.


Dave: Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL.
Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL. Hello, HAL… do you read me?
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Dave: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

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( from: 2001: A Space Odyssey )

Ha, ha… We’re almost there! The problem is too much technology. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something.


That never happened to us with our '08 Nissan Altima. Nope, especially not twice.:hot_face:


It’s not useless to me. In fact, I use it almost every work day during the summer. I walk out of the building, lower the windows and open the sunroof. The temperature inside the car drops dramatically in just the minute or two it takes for me to put my backpack in the trunk and open the door. I use the remote window control for six to eight months in the year.


I just wished I knew how to deactivate the remote windows down control. I go out before bed a night to check that some how the windows have rolled down.


Howard , you have a new vehicle and if you can’t find the settings in the manual or your programing screen go see the dealer .


Ray has told a similar story, he wakes up, eats breakfast, and leaves the house to go to work and the car is already running. Turns out he’d accidentally started it when he put on his pants. A button got pushed on the remote-start gizmo in his pocket.


If you keep the key fob in your pocket, don’t do that anymore. I keep it on the island in the kitchen when I’m not ready to use it. It is in an obvious place when I need it the next time. Unless my wife cleans off the island and hides it from me.