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4 windows down in snow-A really dumb Acura/Honda Idea

I had to replace a part in my garage door opener so I moved my 2012 Acura outside, locked it up, and put the remote in my pocket. Four hours later, I went to put it in and all four windows were down and the sun roof open-of course it was snowing.

I remember someone else on here had that issue with another car in the rain. After looking for the fine print in the owners manual, if you hit open on the remote, then hit it a second time and hold it, all four windows will open and the sun roof. Obviously the remote can’t tell its in your pocket and you really didn’t mean to leave it all open in a snow storm. Sheesh. What a stupid feature to put in a car.

So just a warning, if you have an Acura or maybe Honda does the same thing, its something to think about when leaving the car parked outside and the remote in your pocket or purse.

Actually it’s a pretty neat feature, but it would be nice if the buttons were perhaps a bit more recessed, eh? I have inadvertently hit the trunk button on my old car, and since I don’t drive it very much these days, not noticed it until after the trunk light has run the battery dead.

Have You Read In The Owner’s Manual If There’s A Way To Re-Program That Feature Out Of The Fob ?

Our cars (Not Asian) have all kinds of choices for different options when using the remote that can be changed following the instructions.


I saw a 2012 Mercedes s550 at a local salvage specialist. It was for sale at 65k cuz the previous owner had left the sunroof open and had a bit of electrical issues. Unless the car had 2ft of water in it, I doubt a lot of damage was done. Thanks for the headsup on leaving windows open during bad weather.

How about a (already existing?) ambient temperature sensor that would disable the feature if it’s under 80F.
Who would want to do this unless it’s really hot?

a fair amount of different models do this,just be careful what you do with the remote as CSA says you may be able to disable this feature,you may even have to go to a discussion board to find out how to do this-Kevin

I’ve never had that problem with my '07 TL, but if I recall, my fob has more recessed buttons than the new ones do. I like the feature, but it would be smarter if it had its own button behind a sliding panel.

My 2005 Accord EX V6 has that feature, except only the windows go down. The sunroof does not open. It’s great on a hot day. The interior temperature drops dramatically as soon as the windows open. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, though, @Bing.

No way to shut the feature off that I’m aware of. Just a little snow so no damage but just a warning that I had never considered before. I walk around with the remote in my pocket probably in range of the car and never thought about it. I could be sitting in church with a thunderstorm and the car wide open. I think its in range because I’ve used the remote starter on my other car sitting inside church before. I’m glad some people like the feature but I just picture some excited programer in Tokyo telling his wife what he had come up with when she comes out to a hot car.

I’ll look at the book again and the service manual but think its a hard feature.

Sometimes efficiency ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

My Mazda opens the front windows and the sunroof.
You might want to get you a belt loop keychain. Lowes has clips in the hardware section, I think, that might run you a buck or two.|1

“You might want to get you a belt loop keychain. Lowes has clips in the hardware section…”

You might be a redneck if…

A side note 1 inch of water in car can do a lot of damage. Even total it.

"“You might want to get you a belt loop keychain. Lowes has clips in the hardware section…”

You might be a redneck if… "

Yeah I could just get a necklace maybe or one of those motorcycle billfolds on a chain or something. Actually the loop on the key fob is attached to the manual key that pulls out. So attach a chain to that and you’ll likely lose the key fob.

Actually it was just more of a warning for something to watch out for. It had never crossed my mind that it wouldn’t like something in my pocket and open everything up in a storm. Seems to me being in a purse might do the same thing.