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2017 Honda Ridgeline - Windows down

I was at work and came out and all my windows were all the way down. I googled it, and someone told me that if you hit the unlock button 2X in ten seconds it automatically does that. It wasn’t in the Manual though.

I have a feeling that it is in your manual . Look for settings on your screen and you should be able to set it so that will not happen . If you can’t find it just stop by the dealer and let them program it for you.

Page 138 in the online owners manual

You have to press unlock twice within 10 seconds, keeping in pressed on the 2nd press

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Give it a try. Press the unlock button, then press and hold.

Thank you for your help in this Matter😊

In some cars this feature can be disabled by the owner or the dealer if desired, although I don’t know about your car specifically. My dealer actually does that for all of their cars before delivery to avoid this issue for people who don’t plan to use the feature.