2019 Honda Pilot - service guidance

Routine Service - oil changes, check fluid levels, check for leaks, etc.

Are you try to ask a question or just letting us know?
If you are just letting us know, then… good job for taking care of your vehicle.


Fishing for congrats, or just telling us what a conscientious vehicle owner you are. Well congrats for doing exactly what your are expected to do.


OP, if you are asking what sorts of things should be done as part of a routine service for a 2019 Pilot, suggest to first let us know how many miles it has, and what maintenance/repairs have been done recently.

If you want to know the schedule… it is in your owners manual. If you don’t have one for this 3 year old car… you can get a PDF on Honda’s website.

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I’d follow the maintenance notifications on your dash.


hopefully this wouldn’t be the first service for your 3 year old car…

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As a follow on, the codes that the maintenance reminder uses are in the owner’s manual.

Is this an awd? Transmission, transfer case, and differential at 30k. Belt at 50k or so, etc. battery aft 4 yrs. Don’t care what anyone else says.