My insight is on 217000 km, what should i check?

i have this hard worker for quite some time and aside from engine oil and filter, what should i check on it?

1st look at the maintenance manual (online if you don’t have one) check everything on that for the mileage/time, or even the next scheduled maintenance. Then check everything else you can possible think of, brakes, all rubber pieces, belts etc…… Use the maintenance manual as a guide, look at other service intervals and look at the things included with them.

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However, it is possible that Honda’s maintenance schedule doesn’t mention brake fluid change/flush. If it has been more than 3 years since the OP has had his brake fluid changed/flushed, it is very important that he has this done.

i have checked manual and well, i don’t have a clue what has been changed or when, because in my country we don’t usually keep our records and i have second hand car(i’ve been driving it for 100k km), i only’ve been changing engine oil. should i change other oils or even spark plugs? i recently realised that this car will last longer if i do maitnance :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

also i can’t seem to find maintenance schedule anywhere in my manual

That’s owner specific not country specific.

It usually is a separate book, or as I said they are available online.

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Some manufacturers use a separate (smaller) booklet for their Maintenance Schedule, so a careful search of the glove box would be a good idea. In any event, this info should be available online following a Google search.

i found 3 pdfs on honda official website, but none of them are maintenance schedule, one is manual, second is audio connections and third is dashboard details. i also found links for maintenance main items and sub items.

What ever country this is ( why don’t people say - I am in _____________ and my vehicle needs xxxx. A Honda dealer can give you a list or even a good local shop will know what fluids and service should be done .

yeah, but doing that is expensive. i think

Quit “thinking” and start looking. In other word find the answers. “The truth is out there.”


Maintenance is part of the cost of ownership.
If there is no proof of maintenance performed by the former owner, then do it.
I am not going to research required maintenance for you vehicle.
One note though, some manufacturers make questionable claims, such as lifetime transmission fluid or claim it is good for 240000KM.
Be aware— some maintenance is at xxxx KM or x months, which ever comes first..

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… and the cost of the repairs resulting from inadequate maintenance will almost surely be more expensive.



It sounds like all fluids need to be changed.

I would only use Honda brand transmission fluid.


It’s cheaper than buying another car when this one dies!

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What model year? Insight is popular car for repair and maintenance articles in UK magazine Practical Classics, so that website is probably a good resource. I think I recall seeing an article on the Insight there in just the last issue or two.

From the manual for a 2010 Insight, Unless you know the sub items have been done recently it’s probably best to do all of those plus replacing brake fluid if it’s been more than 3yrs.

thank you!