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Routine maintenance?

09 civic 9800k mi. Looked everywhere in the owner’s manual for a schedule and details for maint. I want to call the dealer and ask what is needed. Then I realized the dealer would probably give me a laundry list of things “They” would recommend.

I’ve had 2 oil changes already and 1 tire rotation. I don’t trust the ‘maintenance meter’ in the car… Where to get a list of recommended maint? Thanks.

maintenance schedule is usually in a separate booklet…you should be able to get a copy from the dealership without any pressure…most new cars oil/filter/tire rotation every 5000 miles until 30,000 and 60,000 when additional checks may be specified …at least that is what is called for with my Toyota.

Sometimes The Maintenance Schedule Is A Separate Publication. Is That All You Have Is The O M ?


Try The Honda Owner Link Web Site And See If It Helps.

Click link:


How did you get to 9,800,000 miles so quickly, or did you mean 9,800 miles? At 9,800 miles you shouldn’t be due for anything yet that you haven’t already done.

Thanks. I feel kind of stupid now. That last link took me to where I make my payment. I actually looked at the site this time and clicked on recommended service. No codes yet in my car for maint. but still a little weary of the ‘minder’. Honda probably knows best so I’ll go with that. Thanks again.

Sorry. Meant 9.8k mi.

Honda doesn’t provide a maintenance schedule anymore. They expect you to use the Maintenance Minder. I have a separate book in my glove box for my 2005 Accord, but they stopped that when the Maintenance Minder came out. I guess that they are serious about you using the MM.

IIRC, Honda used to recommend changiny oil every 10,000 miles for the 4-cylinder engine in the Accord. If you change it every 5000 miles, you cover severe environments. You should change the auto trans fluid every 30,000 miles and the brake fluid every 2 to 3 years or about 40,000 miles. It looks like you have a timing chain, so don’t sweat the belt change.

Oh yeah, you could also use the Maintenance Minder. If you don’t trust it, why did you buy a Honda? Their engineering staff produced it, and it should be worth using.
The California state government tested the oil monitor in GM vehicles in their fleet a few years back. They found that it is worth using. All GM cars, and I assume all cars, in the Cali motor pool use the MM equivalent to change oil. The find that it saves them a lot of money. I read this story on the Cali state web site, where they recommend that all their citizens use the oil monitor.

I would tend to worry a little about the maintenance reminder, but based on the factual (not opinion) information I have seen, they are more accurate than the usual list of recommended maintenance. They reason being, the book recommendations have to be based on worse case situation, but the electronic reminder can take other factors into account so they don’t need to be so conservative.

Haynes repair manuals, available at the parts store, have maintenance schedules.
It dismays me to hear that Honda doesn’t provide them with the owners’ manuals anymore. Computers already do too much of our thinking for us.