Honda Pilot 30K miles. What things to be change

What things need to be consider next servicing, as it’s reaching 30K miles on it.

I want to keep the vehicle for long term without any issues.

What does your owners manual say?

Yes check the manual, one dealer listed this as their schedule. No guarantee nothing will go wrong, but your chances of reliability are greatly improved.

The maintenance computer will display a code when maintenance is due, refer to the maintenance chart in the manual;

I would say air filter,cabin air filter,oil change,tire rotation and inspect brake pads,top off washer fluids,coolant and brake fluid check.serpentine belt check. yup,the manual and the codes on dashboard.

Best bet is to do exactly what Honda recommends. However if this were my vehicle, I’d focus on these:

The engine oil & filter change, replacing the engine air filter are the two most critical imo. If the manual says it is time to replace the coolant, that’s also near the top of the list. Rotating tires good idea too. Ask your shop tech to do a general look-see around the engine compartment, and the underside, especially the entire exhaust system, spotting any pending problems which need immediate att’n. Ask them while they are looking if changing the transmission fluid and brake fluid is necessary given the fluid appearance, or if those can be deferred to the 60k service.

A few more things than at the 15K service, at least according to the schedule the dealer in Huntington Beach has on their site. We use an Indy shop for major services and it’s worked out well. Had to do a early diff fluid change on our CRV but it wasn’t a big addition to the bill.
15,000 Miles
At the 15,000-mile mark, you’ve been driving your Pilot for roughly one year. Like during your last service interval, your car will need an oil change and tire rotation, but you’ll also add a number of other maintenance jobs, including inspections of the following:

  • Fuel lines/hoses
  • Braking system
  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension
  • Fluid levels
  • Tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and boots

30,000 Miles
Your last service interval involved several inspections. This time around, you’ll only have a few parts that need to be replaced. For instance, you’ll need to check the rear differential fluid, change the cabin air filter and engine air filter, and inspect the drive belt(s). You’ll also want to change the oil and rotate the tires, as you’ve been doing.

Be aware that certain parts of the SUV, such as brake pads or spark plugs, may be a little bit worn by this point. Your technician will let you know if they need to be changed, or if they have more miles left in them.