2019 Honda CR-V - Mystery sound associated with AC

I have a 2019 Honda CRV. When using the air conditioning or outside air, there is a beeping sound like a low horn. It seems to be coming from the front of the dash. I took it in to my mechanic, drove it, heard the noise, but couldn’t find anything. Put it on the computer and nothing showed up. When the car is turned off, sometimes there is a whining sound like a low horn noise. The air works, but there shouldn’t be a noise. I did read that Ford had a blower motor problem that is behind the glove box that pushes the cooled air through the dashboard vents. Could this be the same situation? It doesn’t happen on a regular bases and the car runs well. I am hoping NOT to take the car to the Honda dealer. Any thoughts on why this happens would be much appreciated.

Could be debris in blower fan area is creating obstruction to smooth airflow, hence creating an oscillating sound similar to a french-horn blowing a note. I’ve heard sounds like that just from airflow through a window that isn’t entirely closed. Roof racks are famous for producing these types of noises too. Blower motor sound from worn out bearing could also be a culprit, but seems less likely for newer vehicle like yours. Not sure how difficult (i.e. how much $$$) it will be for shop to take enough stuff apart for a look-see at the blower-motor and fan cage area. .

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As George says.
Have you checked your cabin air filter for debris?
If you haven’t changed it, it is likely overdue.


Thank you for your response. I have not changed the cabin air filter and will start with that.

A 2019 Honda with 30K on the odo may still be under warranty. 36K miles or 3 years.

Why not? Cost? If you are under 3 years the repair may be free.


Only 18,000 miles and not under warranty any longer. I will start with a new cabin filter and proceed from there. Many thanks to all who replied.

when this happens, it it just after turning the car off, and the cabin accessories still have power?

if not, this noise could be related to the electric engine cooling fans, which can sometimes run after the engine is shut off.

Thank you for responding. The noise happens when everything is turned off.

The expansion valve in the AC system may be vibrating causing the noise.