AC whine


I have a new Honda CR-V. An intermittent high pitch sound is heard when the AC is on. The fan usually is at low; it occurs after driving awhile; I haven’t heard it when starting the engine or while the car is at a stand-still; I think it’s more likely to occur when driving uphill. Honda ran the A/C in the shop for awhile, heard nothing, and made no repairs. Any thoughts?


What do you mean by “new”? Is it a new Honda off the lot with no miles on it?

The whine could just be the way the A/C sounds when it is operating.

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Once again star you show your lack of knowledge in automotive A/C.


The car is new; I noticed the whine within the first one or two hundred miles, when I first took it out of the city on a “long” drive of say 50 miles. It’s more like a squeak lasting 5 to 10 seconds, which then stops. It may happen two or three times in a hundred miles of continuous driving.


If the noise is more like a squeak then I would suspect the drive belt might be loose or glazed.

When the A/C clutch engages it puts a load on the belt so if it is alittle loose it could be causing the noise.