Noisy Honda CRV during acceleration

I’ve just purchased a new 2007 Honda CRV and have discovered an annoying high pitch noise during acceleration when the A/C in on. The noise seems to happen when I need to accelerate on an incline when the A/C is operating. The noise is very high pitch and only last for a few seconds. If I turn the A/C off, the noise immediately stops. I have talked to the dealer, but they did not have any suggestions. Any suggestions / help ???

Slipping drive belt?

I have the same issue. Took it to the dealer and they know about this. Numerous 2007 Honda CRV owners reported this problem. They told me that the noise is caused by the AC evaporator and that Honda is investigating if to issue a recall on this. But right now they are instructed not to replace any parts in the cars. Hope this helps.