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Ac making noise

I have a problem with my Opel Corsa D 2014: when I turn on the air conditioning, I hear a noise. Even if i don’t turn the ac on and just run the fan i hear a noise . I thought it was the interior blower motor and so I changed it but that didn’t solve the problem. I also changed the cabin air filter but it also didn’t solve the problem.

  • A video so you can hear the noise

Could be something that fell into the air duct.I would remove the fan and look the inside of the duct with an inspection camera. Also,one of your register or the squirrel cage around the blower motor could have a broken fin that start to rattle when the blower is on.

Alright man thank you for your answer. I will remove the fan and look inside.

Hey man , sorry it’s been a while since I post an updated. So i have looked into the air duck with an inspection camera and i didn’t find anything.
Do you suggest something else ?

Thank you