Noisy AC

I get a chirping or squeeking noise from under the dashboard, passenger side, when I turn the air conditioning on.

I have a 2005 Avalanche.

If anyone has an idea as to what it may be, I would appreciate it.


Try it with the AC off (set it to vent) and turn the blower up. Do you still get the same noise? If so, it’s probably a bad bearing on your blower motor.

I have seen a lot of debris in these blower motors. It takes a 5.5mm socket to get the motor out, dont tear the rubber cover (if they still use one in 2005, I can’t remember but earlier cars were hard to unhook the cover at the bottom)

I forgot to include essentila details. It seems to happen much more when the truck is moving. If idling or in park it does not happen Should I check first to see it the motor is loose?