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2018 Honda CR-V - Thoughts?

i am hearing to much negative things about the Honda crv? what are your thoughts?

Not my cup of tea.

I love the CR-V having tested it twice. It is a Top Safety Pick, gets great fuel economy, and it is the top-selling non-truck to individual owners in America. What negative comments about it are bothering you? Which crossover in the CR-V’s class do those folks suggest instead?

2018 was the last year (they hope) for the gas-in-oil problem. Check it out here:

I have a 2019 with the turbo engine.
I would not buy this car again.
I like it for comfort, etc, however:
!. The turbo engine takes forever to warm up. Not good on a cold or snowy morning
2. Driving with a lot of short trips, the oil minder (required to follow for warranty)
wants an oil change in about 2500 miles. This is how they “fixed” the problem.
Making you change the oil much more frequently.

I would recommend a Toyota Rav4 or a Mazda CX5

They only mention CVR 2018 & 2019

2018 gas in oil and no recall has happen.

We test drove a 2017, found road noise an issue compared to the Rav4 we ended up with. Test drove the Rav4, then the CRV, the CRV you could hear ever tar strip in the road, downside to the Rav4 $700 to update the GPS. Not sure if the gas in oil in colder climates is still an issue, that would cause me concern.

If hearing negative things about anything bothers you then scratch that off your list .

It’s a very popular and, in my experience, durable and useful consumer product. If you want excitement and fun, a Mazda is the answer. If you want it to start and run and do the usual hauling most of us expect of an SUV, the Honda is a good choice.

newer CR-Vs have both turbo 1.5L and normally aspirated 2.4L engines, where you have to go the base trim to get non-turbo engine

I drove both as loaners, over many days, and while I liked an extra kick of the turbo engine, to compare to non-turbo 2.4L it had annoying turbo lag on the low end, although it is not bad comparing to other cars with turbos

if you like zoom-zoom, you can not go wrong with 2.5L turbo from Mazda: that thing performance is really good :slight_smile: