2019 Honda CR-V - is oil still contaminating the gas?

Does the 2019 CR-V still have Gas mixing with the Oil,

causing Fumes and Car doesn’t heat up ? Thanks.

No… CR-Vs have never mixed gas and oil and they don’t now.

Well there are complaints & Videos & News Report about it.

Consumer Reports had a story about it too. 2017 & 2018 CR-v’s.

Engine oil contaminated with gasoline is a problem on some Honda turbo charged engines.

There is a service bulletin for the 2017-2018 Honda CR-V that involves a PCM software update and oil change. Time will tell if the problem has been solved.

Thanks for reply. I’m reading where 2019 CRV owners are having

the same problem. Smell Gas & engine stays cold, no heat. I test

drove a CRV today. I really like it.

All I know is that if I have concerns of any kind about a vehicle I don’t buy it.
But if you do buy a new one and at the end of the warranty period you decide to keep or trade.

Thanks for reply and good Advice.