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Should I skip the Honda CR-V because of turbo problems?

I’m thinking of buying a new Honda CR-V.On a Krlly Bluebook web site I saw owner ratiing. There were 6 out of 72 poor ratingss because of gasoline getting into the oil on the 1.5 turbo engines. The 6 unsatisfied customers indicated that its a on going problem that Honda hasn’t owned up to. Is there any truth to this?

What year and mileage?

COROLLAGUY1: he is buying a NEW Honda CR-V.

Read this:

What does it matter ? If you have doubts about a vehicle of any brand or model just look for one that you feel good about.

Look for other brands in the same fourm factor if you don’t feel comfortable with the CR-V

Ford Edge
Hyundai Santa Fe
Kia Sportage
GMC Acadia
Chevy traverse

Or even go for Honda pilot if you want to stick with Honda.

Hold off a bit for the new Rav4, no turbo engine, no CVT (except the hybrid).

This is a problem I am now hearing everywhere about the turbo engine in the new Hondas. I spoke to a Honda employee about it and the person said he had not heard about it. That worried me the most.

You forgot Mazda CX-5