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Honda accord/ CRV

So I really want a civic or accord 2019. price im ok with. My issue with them
now is the problems that the crv have that im seeing in colder weather. The gas
and oil are mixing and giveing some CVT transmission ppl trouble.
If the CRV has a 2.5L and the accord 1.5(iirc) will they have the same

Check our partner site if there is any issues with them.

A bud just bought a crv, Seems like the problem still exists, he leased it, I will keep my mouth shut,

Only the base CRV has the 2.4L engine, the others have the same 1.5L turbo as the Accord. It’s a mystery to me why the problems have cropped up with the CRV, but I don’t hear about them on the Accord.

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