2018 Honda CR-V - Perfect?

Is this the perfect car for me?

Now how would anyone know that for Pete’s Sake .

Before you make a decision, I prefer the off-road capabilities of an Abrams M1A.


Nope, I think you would be better off in a 1936 Auburn 852 Hearse

The chances are the answer is yes. Honda’s CR-V is one of the top-selling non-truck vehicles in the retail market. A few hundred thousand of your neighbors can’t be wrong. Here’s what we thought of the CR-V when it was tested by our sister publication.

Whether it’s right for you depends on what you want in your next vehicle. How many people do you want to carry? How much and what type of gear will you haul around? What kind of fuel mileage do you want? Is it quiet enough for you? Are the seats comfortable? How much do you want to spend?

I just got a 2019. I like it a lot. I will tell you the things I don’t like:

  1. Fiddly touch screen electronics, dangerous to fiddle with while driving.
  2. No CD player, no auxillary input except for a USB.

I’m looking at the CX-5.

For a vehicle to be perfect for anyone it would have to be one that does not have a person asking about it on the web.

Is there any touch screen that is not dangerous to fiddle with while driving?

If I can’t find a new car without a touch screen that I have to use, I won’t buy any more new cars.

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That doesn’t seem like much of a problem. For example, couldn’t you just copy (I think the technical term is “rip”) your CD’s to a computer, then copy them to a USB thumb drive as mp3 files?

My dad’s getting a 2019 CRV Touring upgrading from a 2007 CRV EX-L, the touch screen doesn’t appear to bother him at least on the extensive test drive. The Major controls felt just like his 2007 (in a good way) the HRV he’s driving until the new one arrives makes him feel better about buying the CRV instead.

A co-worker bought a leftover 2018 LX recently and is very happy with it.

The 2007 only needed normal wear items such as brakes, a battery, and a set of tires in 12yrs of ownership. Besides the oil changes of course.

I would pass! There is a high rate of engine problems according to our sister site carcomplaints.com.

I would ignore this website for comparison purposes. It lists the total number of problems. So,
cars with more on the road will show up with more problems. The CRV is one of the most popular cars in America.
On Consumer Reports, the reliability shows up as a 4, where 5 is tops. If you want top reliability buy a Mazda which shows up as a 5. I chose the CRV because it has better shoulder room, cargo room, and gas mileage.

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I wouldn’t buy anything with a CVT including vaunted Honda’s.

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In 2017 we test drove a CRV, road noise was an issue for us. Ended up with a Rav4, Honda sales lady was we cannot come close to your lease price you are getting for the Toyota, what would it take for us to get you into a CRV? Wife and I looked at each, we understand each other and in our minds we were both we are out of here. So nice to be on the same page with a life long partner.

I’d give a little more weight to CR’s reports than the fraction of a percent that car complaints shows. For the 2007 CRV the number of complaints is around .12% of the CRV’s sold.

Dad might trade again in a couple years if the Hybrid comes to the US or a plug in hybrid SUV catches his attention. Or the '19 will stick around for the long term.