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2018 Honda CR-V - Everything open

I also had a problem with windows opening. in my case I was at a shopping mall and as I approached the vehicle, all four windows, plus the sun roof, opened completely; the key fob was in my pocket and my hands were nowhere near it. Also that same day, as I opened the car door in my garage, the lights flashed and the four way flashers went on then off.

So what did your dealer do about it?

I haven’t had a chance to tell the dealer about my “window” issue yet; just curious how many others have experienced the same thing–good info. when I do confront the dealer.

I doubt the dealer cares if one or 100 people have had the same problem. It isn’t their responsibility to fix all those. It is their responsibility to fix yours. Not being critical, just putting the responsibility where it belongs, on your dealer.

You do have the problem, you have the right to a car that works properly and the dealer is obligated to fix your CR-V. Good Luck.

I agree and thank you. I will confront them.

No need for that. Explain your problem and ask for their help. They haven’t done anything wrong, have they?

I have had other things in my pocket push buttons on the fob. Any chance of that?

The wrong choice of words; should have said “apprise” them. they really are a good dealership.

Sounds like it could be some sort of emi or grounding problem. Years ago I had a sewing machine that operated in certain modes would activate the garage door opener. If the fob battery was on the fritz that could contribute to something like this I suppose, but it seems more like a problem with the receiver in the car the fob transmits to. Something as simple as the screw that holds it in place isn’t tightenough b/c the screw also provides the ground, or as complicated as needing to replace the fob entire receiver unit. A basic battery/alternator test makes sense too.

You could just have an over-active key fob too. I assume one of the features you have is to hit a button and all the windows and sun roof open to cool it off. On our previous Acura I moved the car out to work on the garage door opener. I had the fob in my pocket. Of course it had started to snow while working on the opener and when I was done all the windows and sun roof was open and snowing inside. I guess the button got pushed when it was in my pocket. Not a feature I really like especially when you are sitting in church with the fob in your pocket and it starts to rain and you don’t know if the windows are still closed or not.

I was given a repair order about eight years ago that read “Customer observed black helicopters passing over their car and afterwards found the windows down and the sunroof open”.

I walked to the office and told the service writer who was a young collage graduate that ratter than have me look for black helicopters she could just demonstrate to the vehicle owner how the windows could be lowered with the remote keyless entry transmitter, a more plausible explanation.