2017 Honda Pilot - Ghost window operation

Why do the windows randomly open by themselves. I have owned my care a week and this has happened twice now. Key Fobs were on the table with no around and came outside to see windows down halfway.

IIRC someone here made a similar post about their car windows going down for no reason, just recently. Maybe it was you, and this is a repeat. The other post was about the windows going down, and your is about them going up, so maybe not you. In any event inspect the area of the driver’s side door hinge. You’ll see wiring going from the door to the car. Any signs that wiring is damaged/frayed? Besides that, in no particular order

  • Faulty fob (test if this ever happens with fob batteries removed)
  • Faulty fob signal receiver (in car)
  • Local RF interference (test if this occurs when car is parked elsewhere)
  • Faulty body control module (if applicable to your car)
  • Faulty door switch (inside driver’s door)

Beyond that, it’s just the standard scientific method to get to the bottom of it: Make a guess, test if that’s the cause; if not, make another guess …