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All undone

Twice since I bought My Mini Cooper in 2009 (new) I have come out in the morning to find the following. The sun roof open, both windows down and both doors unlocked. The first time it happened the dealer replaced the on-board computer, but its happened again

If your car is anything like mine, if you push the unlock button on the key fob twice, quickly, it’ll unlock the doors and roll down the front windows and open the sunroof. Make sure your keys/fobs aren’t being pushed against something where you’re storing them.

I dislike remote entry key fobs for that reason. You never know when you will lean over and accidentally press the “panic” button.

Both times my keys were on the dresser in my room.Not even in my pants pocket.

Do you have a pet, by any chance? My cat opened my windows once while standing on the remote.

Perhaps a neighbor has a remote with the same code…It need not be the same make of car, these things tend to be shared throughout the industry…There is so much electronic noise on the air now that these devices are being overwhelmed…

Been there - done that - bought the tee-shirt…first time it happened…I think I jumped 10’ in the air…

That’s a possibility…not very probably…but possible…

I replaced the garage door openers at my house last year (both died within a week of each other)…I finished up the second one at around 9pm…And stood outside with the remote and pressed the button to open the door…Worked GREAT…As it was opening I heard a noise behind me…it was my neighbors garage door opening too…I thought he was coming home from work…but no…it was my garage door opener…My door had the option of using a roving code…which I quickly switched it to.