2018 Ford Mustang - Window does its own thing

2018 Mustang ECO Boost Convertible. The passenger side window goes intermittently up and down, whether the car is running or not.

does it work fine from the passenger side? if so then the master switch on the driver’s side is faulty.

One thing is certain. That has never happened on my Ford. Of course my Ford has manual roll-up windows … lol …

Ok, I understand this is a serious problem, window might roll down in middle of night and car’s security could be compromised. hmm … somehow voltage is getting to the window’s motor when it shouldn’t. Could be either the driver’s window switch, or the passenger window switch. Or both switches could be good as new, and wire insulation has scratched off somewhere, and a short circuit is causing this. This is my guess for the most likely cause. Suggest to take a close look in the hinge area of both front doors, where a cable runs from the door into the car’s body. Notice any fraying of the wire insulation there? If nothing found, ask your shop to remove the passenger side door panel and probe the motor’s input voltage as you open and close both doors.

That faulty, brittle wiring sounds like a fire hazard, do you anticipate a recall?

Unable to predict the future.

does this mean:
When trying to lower or raise the window sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t?
The window raises and lowers itself with no input from anyone- even if no one is in the car and the car is off?