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2004 Ford Mustang - Windows won't roll down

Neither the driver or passenger window want roll down. What can I look for.

I’d start by looking for the reason they won’t roll down. But that’s just me.

First off: are these power windows?

did they use to roll down?

seriously though- blown fuse would be likely start. Did both windows stop rolling down at the same time? Or has one not worked for a while, and now the other is broken, too?
You can also check and make sure someone isn’t messing with you and has wedged some foreign object in the way of the windows.

Giving us more info can go a long way to getting good advice. :slight_smile:

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Check the lockout switch on the driver’s window control panel.

One area to check is the rubber conduit that runs between the car body and the drivers door.

The wires inside can flex over time where they break and electrical systems on the doors stop working.

Since the power to both windows first passes thru the master switch on the drivers door, and the drivers door is the one that gets used the most, that wire may have broken.

One way to find out is, operate the window switch while slowly opening and closing the door. Sometimes a broken wire makes a connection again and the window starts working.

But if you get the window to roll down, you better hope you can roll it back up.


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