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2018 Chevrolet Impala - poor illumination by headlights

i just bought a 2018 chev impala the headlamps illumination is so poor i can only drive in daylight please is there a fix or should i dump it before i have an accident ?

As a truck driver who drives mostly at night, I see on average 15 cars a night that are driving with only their “Daytime Running Lights” on and no taillights.

Are you sure you are turning on your headlights ?
and not assuming your “Daytime Running Lights” are your automatic headlights ?

Do people flash their headlights at you a lot?
They’re trying to tell you to turn on your Headlights and Taillights.

Just because your dash lights are on, doesn’t mean your headlights and taillights are on.


Impalas have bigger headlights than a lot of todays cars with their blinding LED headlights and would think they would have decent illuminating power. Have not seen any other complaints about this for the Impalas . . A lot of cars you can either turn them on manually or have them via a light sensor in the dash . Check the setting for your head lamp switch .

See what the IIHS tests say about your headlights. There may be more than one kind for the Impala. Often there is a good and a not-so-good choice on any model of car.

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what does your Chevy dealership say about this still under warranty vehicle’s headlights?