2022 Nissan Altima - Bad headlights

Very dangerous dim headlights even after replacing! Please recall these dangerous headlights!!

As if we could. With used car prices being as high as they are, you might get a good deal trading it in. But I think anyone would be highly suspicious of you trading in a 2022, I haven’t seen any 2022s offered for sale new.

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It’s also possible the headlights aren’t aimed properly. There are YouTube videos that will show you how but if this is a brand new vehicle it’s best to have the dealership do it.

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Are you sure you’re turning your headlights on?

You would be surprised by the number of cars I see driving at night with just their “Daytime Running Lights”.

It’s very easy to tell because they have no taillights on.


Who do you think we are? Nissan? NHSTA? Contact Nissan customer service, The number is in your owners manual. If you want to make a safety complaint go make it at https://www.nhtsa.gov/

I think we have a winner!


Hadn’t thought of that. My Corolla has automatic headlights and I generally don’t need to turn them on.

Surprising. Most of the complaints here about new car headlights seems to be that they are too bright and distract other drivers. OP, suggest you visit a dealership and ask them to make sure you’re turning on the headlights correctly. Turning on the headlights used to be a straightforward operation, but not much is simple with new cars these days.

NISSAN has had a lot of complaints about dim headlights for a few years. there was a class action lawsuit for it. but I think it only went up to 2018

No dealer trip needed . Just the ability to open the glove box and pull out the owner manual .
Of course I don’t think this is a 2022 vehicle and Hill13 is probably another drive by.


Since the lockdown restrictions were lifted we seem to getting more drive by’s never to be seen again.

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I’m not going to make a smart aleck comment just to explode a few heads, but yeah check the light switch. Both of my cars are automatic but they may still sell some cars without, I dunno. I do know that my Pontiac is a lot more sensitive to the darkness than my Acura is. A little dusk, tunnel, or fog and my Pontiac lights come on. Not so with the Acura and many times I will just turn them on in low visibility conditions. The light sensor could also be faulty.

I dont think the 2022 is even out yet. dealer problem

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Bet year is a typo. New car lights are 99% adequate. There are a few cars with bad lights.

And there are far too many people who drive around with just their Daytime Running Lights at night, and then they wonder why their “headlights” are so dim.

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And quite a few people who want to bork even those up by putting cheap Chinese LED bulbs in them!

I was followed by a Highlander with DRLs a few weeks ago. Very bright DRLs that “jiggled” in broad daylight and glared in my rearview mirror. Would set an epileptic into a seizure. Must have been cheap LED replacement bulbs.

Almost drove me into road rage.


The number of people who think that they are “upgrading” their car by buying automotive junk from aisle 9 at Walmart is ridiculously large.