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I Don't See The Light!

My Daughter has a 2004 Chevy Impala, and I’ve been doing some work on it. I had a few questions about how the fuel gauge behaves, and I have noticed that there is a 2005 Impala that sometimes parks across the street from me. I wanted to see how similar it would be to my daughter’s Impala, and I noticed that the taillights are a bit different. My Daughter has 4 round taillights in the rear, 2 in the trunk edge, and 2 next to the trunk edge on right and left sides. The round backup lights are in the round taillights on the trunk edge. But on the Impala that parks across the street sometimes, there are only 2 round taillights, next to left and right trunk edges. No round taillights in the trunk edge itself, like my Daughter’s Impala, so no round backup lights. I was wondering where the 2005 Impala’s backup lights are, I have stared at the rear of that car, looking for some other place where the backup lights would be, but am not seeing them. So rather than crawling around behind that car looking closer, can anyone tell me where the backup lights are on a 2005 Chevy Impala?

You had questions about the fuel gauge and you are asking about a different year Impala tail lights ? OK fine.

2005 Impala:

Possibly the trunk lid from a later model would fit, 2009:

Thanks for quick reply, insightful. But this is more what my daughter’s Impala looks like. The one across the street looks more like this, I erased the taillight that isn’t on that car, in my paint program, in the attachment here. There is also a sort of triangular taillight in the end of the fenders on each side but there is no backup light in these.

Haha! That would sound odd, I agree. It was wanting to talk to the driver of an Impala with the same type of fuel gauge trouble my Daughter had, not going above the full mark on a full tank of gas, that caused me to notice the differences in my Daughter’s '04 Impala and an '05 Impala that sometimes is parked across the street. I don’t see any backup lights on the '05.

If the tail lamps are triangular do they not look like the taillights on the Impala SS above?

No, they don’t have the backup lights the Impalas above do.

But now I’m wondering if the original trunk lid was damaged and replaced with a trunk from a SS and that’s why the car has no back-up lights…

They might be aftermarket taillights or painted over like the kids like to do.

Impala tail lights

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That was precisely my point…


Going out on a limb here. So, you have had your daughter put the car in reverse while you have looked at the tail lights?
If you think the trunk lid has been replaced, just ask you friendly neighbor hood body shop. They could probably tell you in two seconds at no charge.

Why doesn’t this guy just ask about the fuel gauge problem instead of worrying about his neighbors tail lights ?


I imagine it’s because he finds this an interesting conundrum, period.


@insightful is correct - his picture shows where the backup lights are on your neighbor’s car. If you can’t see them there, it’s because your neighbor made some dumb visual modification that makes them harder to see (and mods that make indicator lights harder to see are always dumb).

Round tail lights are an attractive feature. I like that look.

I agree… and they’re also very common.
Personally, I’d like to see cars manufactured with even more running lights as well as more directional lights. That is happening slowly, and IMHO it’s a good direction for the industry to go.

That said, the directional arrow blinkers on GM sideview mirrors are very annoying when the driver is going down the road with his hazards on. :wink:

But yeah, I’d love to have more lighting up the side of my car. Big giant sedan with really bright headlights and people still try to merge into me all the time. It’s half tempting to steal the strobe and marker lights off of an airplane. :wink:

Which brings the question, why don’t LEOs pull over cars/trucks with their fourway flashers on? Question the driver the nature of their emergency?
Illegal in Florida to drive with flashers on, yet common to see.

4-way flashers doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an emergency. It could just mean a caution to other drivers that there may be a problem. I’ve used mine a few times over the years.

  1. Hit a patch of black-ice. Had to drop my speed to under 30mph on I-495.
  2. When I had a flat on I-93 - I drove to the next exit (about 1/4 mile), but put my flasher on to warn other drivers.
  3. Come upon traffic stopping or slowing.
  4. Cow on the road…yes that actually happened.

I see that occasionally (very rare) of I-95 and some other limited access highways. Someone has his flashers on and is going 25 in a 65 zone. I get the impression that this is a daily routine for some people. If they are going to hog the lane, they should do it on a road with much lower speed limits. US-1 runs right next to I-95, and the slugs could jump over to US-1 easily. There are a lot of gas stations and auto repair shops on US-1, and the slug could drop in and get the car fixed.