2015 Chevrolet Camaro - Accidentally Put Diesel In

I accidentally put diesel gas in my car how much will it cost to fix

Here we go again. How did you get diiesel in to your gas tank?

Usually between 2 and 4 hours of labor to drain the tank and add gasoline. If the spark plugs are fouled add another hour and $100 for spark plugs.

We need a banner across the top of this site to keep track of how many times someone puts diesel in a gas vehicle .


Wow. I’ve never heard of that but I guess it happens all the time? Are these the same people that walk around parking lots looking down at their phones and text while driving?

diesel fuel nozzle is bigger so it wont fit into gas filler opening. guess thats not true. but i read it online so who knows.

I do know that the stations I use the diesel nozzle will not go in either of our gas vehicles . And as someone else noted you still have to select diesel fuel on the pump in most places.
I really want someone to return and tell us how they did the wrong fuel .


Yeah, apparently not … lol … The diesel nozzle is bigger on most stations’ gas pumps, but not all. So when using an unfamiliar pump, the car owner has to be careful. Especially true in rural areas, where the gas pumps aren’t as high tech as in the urban areas. On the upside, this problem isn’t a major catastrophe, just a bit of an inconvenience and unexpected expense is all.

How? Someone please tell me how you managed to put diesel in a gasoline tank. The nozzle does not fit. The pump is usually green (in the US) with the words DIESEL on it . A button that says diesel has to be pushed. Is this only happening in states that decriminalized marijuana and the drivers are buzzed? I get distracted sometimes but have not mixed up a gas pump nozzle. Unless the pump does not have different sized nozzles the only way for this to happen is to hold the diesel nozzle in place manually and hope none of it spills. After a few moments of this I would hope most normal rational sober people would catch on and stop.

Now if all these folks are Europeans visiting the US, I hope they accept my apologies as the color (colour for our Brit friends) scheme is different.


See the Wikipedia article fuel dispenser for more info.

" the larger diameter diesel nozzles are not an actual requirement"

Operative word—usually. Drove into Georgia from Florida, stopped for gas, the gas nozzle was green, diesel black. But as noted, you would still have to push the diesel selection on the pump.

Perhaps the people who make this mistake are among the group that constantly has a cell phone held to their ear.

Nowadays, the percentage of people who are distracted by their phone is… appalling. I was actually in a cashier line at the supermarket when the customer in front of me expected the cashier–who had already finished scanning the woman’s groceries–to wait until she finished her phone call before she could pay for her order.


Well , Mickey I have no idea what you are trying to say . This thread is about putting the wrong fuel in a vehicle and many people here wonder why it happens so often .

Everyone making fun of people when it’s usually not user error. This happened to over 150 people in my community, because a tanker dropped diesel in the unleaded. A Loves station nearby made this mistake and this happened to a friend of mine at a Shell station years prior. It’s a huge pain to fight with them to pay for repairs and if you paid in cash with no receipt good luck :rage:

That’s IF they didn’t drive it any distance.

Sorry , but it is usually customer error and many people wonder how the person managed to do that .

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First you said - “I accidentally put diesel gas in my car how much will it cost to fix”

You should have made it clear that it wasn’t an accident by you, but was a MISTAKE by the gas company.

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Appears to be two different posters. Different ways for contaminated gasoline to get into tank. A few years ago IIRC there was a problem in parts of Louisiana, contaminated gasoline from refinery delivered to gas stations. Caused engine valves to stick in open position.

Costco will only accept Visa credit and debit cards, but the advantage of gassing-up there (aside from their consistently lower prices for Top Tier gas) is that they retain records for their customers, and they willingly pay for the costs of diesel fuel contamination for their customers.

Please tell me… how is it more advantageous to pay for my gas with cash, when I can get a 4% rebate on all gas purchases charged to my Costco Visa card, and in the event that this type of screw-up took place at a Costco gas station, they have a consistent record of paying for all remediation costs?

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“Caused engine valves to stick in open position.”

My god I wonder what else it did?