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2017 Toyota Corolla with CVT

does anyone have a Corolla with a cvt transmission? Trying to find out if you can get between 100,000 and 200,000 miles out of them

have same question about our 15’ civic. maybe honda put the same crack design team that did the odyssey trans on the new cvt trans? a low miles corolla should be easy to sell. same as a civic. once you get up to 150k which i have to believe is 5 yrs down the road than you can just sell it.

Russell , I don’t see how this can be answered . Driving conditions and service of the transmission will have a bearing on it’s life. If you are concerned just don’t buy a vehicle with a CVT or start a separate saving fund so you will have the money for a transmission when the time comes.

Maintain the transmission - change the fluid - at least as often as (scratch Honda) Toyota recommends for severe service and maybe you will get at least 100K. Maybe 200K. Impossible to say for sure, we don’t know how you drive.

edit credit to @jtsanders

I wouldn’t do that. I’d change the fluid as often as Toyota recommends.